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Episode 6

Mental health and getting through this together

Guest: Sabrina Moosa of Kerry’s Place Autism Services

We are all multi-dimensional as developmental services workers. We don’t want to bring our stress from work into our homelife, and we don’t want to bring stress from our homelife into our work! We bring our own communities with us to our work – and this week’s episode we have discussion about mental health, and how we are human in our work! Sabrina discusses her passion for bringing wellbeing skills to her community as a South Asian woman with family from Pakistan, as well as her work in developmental services. Sabrina shares some details about what aspects of mental health interest her. Sabrina also speaks as a front line worker about how much she appreciates the pandemic pay to help her get through the 12 hour pandemic group home shifts with no days off. We all hope that pay increase continues after the pandemic! Developmental staff are worth it!

About Sabrina Moosa

Sabrina is a direct service professional at Kerry’s Place Autism Services. She is a master's student in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University, and she did a post-grad certificate in addictions and mental health from Durham College. She also has a Bachelor of Science in mental health studies and health science from the University of Toronto. Sabrina has participated in research projects addressing indigenous mental health and homelessness at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Sabrina is into travelling that is either to the nearest waterfront or a far-off land. She's adventurous and isn't afraid to try new things like skydiving, horse riding and parasailing, to name a few. 

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Sue Hutton, MSW, RSW is a MIndfulness teacher and Social Worker with the CAMH Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre in Toronto. Sue brings 34 years of formal Mindfulness training as well as 30+ years of work with individuals and families in developmental services. Sue is also very engaged in disability rights & advocacy work and brings an accessibility rights perspective to her mindfulness work. Sue loves working with everyone in the sector, including staff, as Sue brings a first hand perspective to this work, having lived and breathed it for many years - supporting people labelled with intellectual disabilities to be the best they can be.