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Episode 1

Welcome to Talking Wellness

Welcome to Talking Wellness with Developmental Service Staff. Meet Sue Hutton, mindfulness teacher, social worker and host! On this introductory episode Sue will introduce you to the goals of this podcast and do a short and sweet meditation practice to help direct support professionals refuel and renew.

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Talking Wellness With Developmental Service Staff

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Sue Hutton

Sue Hutton, MSW, RSW is a MIndfulness teacher and Social Worker with the CAMH Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre in Toronto. Sue brings 34 years of formal Mindfulness training as well as 30+ years of work with individuals and families in developmental services. Sue is also very engaged in disability rights & advocacy work and brings an accessibility rights perspective to her mindfulness work. Sue loves working with everyone in the sector, including staff, as Sue brings a first hand perspective to this work, having lived and breathed it for many years - supporting people labelled with intellectual disabilities to be the best they can be.